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With over 35 years in the Adoption Services field, we at Kelley Law Firm know how to represent the true costs of Adoption Services related legal services. We strive to find every possible option for reducing our clients’ Adoption Services legal service costs because we know that translates to happier Bentonville area clients.

At Kelley Law Firm, we take a personal interest in your welfare, striving to bring you the attention you deserve in Bentonville area courts. We want to provide a positive experience when you come to us with your Adoption Services matters. Thanks to our over 35 years of wide ranging experience, we can help anyone in the Bentonville area looking for legal expertise.


Our legal team at Kelley Law Firm tries every day to redefine the level of Adoption Services legal guidance provided to the Bentonville area. We excel in creating an environment that fosters the shared values of our Adoption Services clients seeking these legal services. We believe that this is an integral part of serving the Bentonville area.

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Your Adoption Services matters are important. Do not squander through the Bentonville are court system without our professional help. Offering over 35 years of experience, we can help ensure your wanted results.

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  • Federal and Arkansas Adoption Tax Credit

    Adopting this year is a huge advantage because of the Federal and Arkansas State Adoption Credit available until December 2011. Maximum allowed Federal Tax credit is $13,170 per child, adoption tax credit for the state of Arkansas is around 20% of the Federal Tax credit (approximately $2600) – total tax credit would be a little  … Read more

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    Gene Kelley is offering some assistance and legal services to qualifying pregnancy centers in the state of Arkansas. Please watch this new video for more information.

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  • What Makes An Adoption Work?

    My thoughts on helping people who need help. First I give them my office phone number, my home number and my cellphone number. Why? Because it’s important to be available not just in business hours. Also when helping people you need to meet face to face. Until that happens you don’t really know that person.  … Read more

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