American Adoptions

American AdoptionsAmerican Adoptions, a licensed child-placing agency, has offered adoption services for more than 20 years. As a national agency, American Adoptions is licensed by the State of Arkansas. We are a full-service agency that provides for both potential birth mothers and adoptive families. Our agency completes an estimated 300 health newborn adoptions per year.

I am writing this letter to share the experience we have had working with Eugene Kelley and his law firm. We have known Mr. Kelley and his family for over 15 years. Since Mr. Kelley’s law firm deals mainly with adoption law and assisting birth parents and adoptive families, we have had the pleasure to align ourselves with his firm to provide adoption services together. We have worked with some of his clients in the past. Most of the adoptions we have completed in the past have been interstate adoptions where we either assisted him with potential birth mothers or prospective adoptive families. American Adoptions has been extremely impressed with Mr. Kelley and his law firm on their commitment and professionalism towards adoption. Their office is passionate and has the sense of urgency needed in the industry to be successful and provide high level of services needed to both birth parents and adoptive couples.

Over time, our offices have worked more and more closely together is assisting in building families through adoption. I would recommend Mr. Kelley and his law firm for any adoption legal services needed in the State of Arkansas. Kelley Law Firm is a great reflection of who we are and we are honored to work with them in building families.


Wade Morris American Adoptions

Wade Morris
Director of Community Resources
American Adoptions