Bobbi, Arkansas Adoption Services

Mr. Eugene Kelley and his staff are the most courteous, compassionate people I have ever met. They helped me through the legal process of adopting my two granddaughters that I had legal guardianship of for the past six years. When I first called him, I explained my situation and my desire to adopt my granddaughters. He explained the lengthy process and everything it entailed. Click here to read more.

Bobbi, Arkansas

Frank and Gerry, Arkansas Adoptions

In the 2004 and 2006 God blessed us with two beautiful children through the miraculous process of the adoption provided by Arkansas Adoption Services. Not once but twice we have taken that intensive journey and Mr. Gene Kelley was right by our side in each step of the way. We are very grateful to him and his ministry helping us and other couples building their families through adoption.

Frank and Gerry, Arkansas


Ellen and Miguel, Arkansas Adoptions

We had a very positive adoption experience working with Arkansas Adoption Services while adopting our daughter in July of 2004. We appreciated the experience and knowledge that the Kelley’s offered, and the genuine kindness and respect offered to both birth parents and the adoptive parents. We would highly recommend Arkansas Adoption Services to anyone who is interested in adopting.

Ellen and Miguel, Arkansas


Chris and Kristen, New Jersey

After the easy and comfortable experience we had adopting our daughter in October 2003, once again we turned to Mr. Kelley’s adoption program and adopted our third child in December 2007. The interesting thing is how much all three of our children (one biological and two adopted with different birthparents) look like one another. We must also tell you that our love for our adopted children is no different than that for our biological son; it is instant, complete, and unconditional!

Chris and Kristen, New Jersey


Below is a copy taken from Chris and Frank’s letter to Eugene Kelley and his wife Joye last September 7, 2008.

Frank and Chris, Pennsylvania

…Things here in Pennsylvania are good, but a little crazy working full time and keeping up with the two children, Rachel and Ryan. We are having a great time with the kids and can not imagine life without them! Thank you again for your help in their adoptions. …Frank and I are glad you were able to aid in the adoption process for Frank’s cousin, Ed and wife, Jenny, who got their baby in February 2008, and then recently my co-worker, Amber and her husband, Mike, just got back from adopting a son in August.

Frank and Chris, Pennsylvania