Who Adopts

The families who choose to adopt want to build a family. The reasons for this need are many and different. Most couples have struggled for years with the pain of infertility. Other couples act out of love to help a birth mother who cannot keep her baby. Regardless of their individual circumstances, these couples are committed to family and children and want to fill a void because they do not have a child.

All families must complete a thorough family assessment which includes:

  • FBI and State Police checks for criminal backgrounds and for any history of child abuse or neglect
  • A review of the family’s financial stability
  • An assessment of lifestyle, values, and parenting abilities
  • Letters of recommendation from family, friends, co-workers, employees and pastors.

You are encouraged to select the adopting family for your child. We will show you a profile (pictures and information) created by a family for you. You will have as many profiles to review as necessary.

Profiles include information about a couple’s home, family members, pets, fertility, financial status, child care plans, and much more. They may also include a letter written to the birth parents about their family and why they want to adopt a child.

Profiles should not be used as the chief source for selecting the adopting parents. Be sure to read their “Dear Birth Mother” letter and talk to them on the phone to see what they are really like and if they meet your expectations.

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