Henry & Carrie's Adoption Profile
Job Description
VP Digital Revenue
College Of Charleston
Sports of all types, Home Projects, hiking, amateur landscape architect, world's greatest grill master
Recently converted Country fan
Road To Perdition, Anything from Tom Clancy
News junkie and huge movie buff
Anything on the grill
Reading, Gardening, Cooking
Country during the week, 90's rock on Saturdays, Jazz on Sundays.
Suspense, Biographies, Crime Novels
NCIS, Law & Order, How It's Made, Christmas specials
Steak, cheese, grilled vegetables, anything with butter on it

Commitment Statement: We are committed to providing a loving, Christian home and family life. We will give our very best every single day to give our child everything he or she needs to be happy, healthy and well-prepared for a successful adulthood. There will a strong emphasis on education, there will be lots and lots of playtime and friends, and most importantly, there will be a rock-solid family foundation.

State Location

What Takes Priority In Our Life: Our relationships---Without question. We know that the source of our ability to love a child without conditions stems from our ability to be loved by our Creator, each other, and, our families. Honesty, open communication, faith, are all central to our home as is a spirit of fun. One thing that we both love is to laugh. It was the first thing I saw in her--that smile and that true enjoyment of life. We want our family to be centered around Christ, love, and fun.

Our Home

Ducks in the front pond

Pool in the backyard

Letter to Birth Mother

Dear Birth Mother,

As a woman, I’m so sorry life threw you this curve ball. I’m sorry you’re in a situation in which I’m sure you’d really, really, really rather not be. And, I’m so grateful that you have chosen to give life to this baby, and have made the extraordinarily difficult decision to entrust someone else to raise that baby.

Almost 43 years ago, Henry’s biological mother made the same difficult decision. Every day of our lives, we are thankful to God that she made that decision.

Your choice to give this child a chance at life clearly illustrates your loving heart. Having learned at an early age that he was adopted, Henry and I would remind your baby every day that his or her biological mom loved her child VERY much and made a huge sacrifice. We are unable to have a child naturally, and we know God’s plan is for us to help you or someone like you navigate through this time in your life. Our hope is to take the love that has been so readily given to us by family and friends and share that with a child of our own. We want to help take care of you, and help you with your prenatal care and expenses.

God has blessed us with a tremendous amount of success in our careers, and that has afforded us an exquisite home that will be perfect for children. When Henry and I got married, we were blessed to find our dream home on a 5 acre estate in a community just outside Montgomery, Alabama. We share the 5 bedroom house with our three dogs: Angus, Hendrix, and Rummy. We have a pond with resident ducks with their own personalities, fish, frogs, birds, a swimming pool, and beautiful trees. We live in a quiet but friendly neighbourhood that hasn’t seen a single crime in more than 10 years. Our neighbours across the street and next door have young children who would make terrific playmates. Since moving in, we’ve added other activities including a 9-hole Frisbee golf course, remote-controlled speed boats for race night on the pond, and a golf cart for evening drives around the neighbourhood. In our home, your child will be loved like no other. Henry can’t wait to be a little league coach, or a doting father watching his daughter at dance class.

I hope you know that in our eyes, the child you carry is truly a gift, and we hope you’ll see that we are ready and hopeful to be given the opportunity to raise and love this child…and reminding him or her every day that our child was a gift.

Sincerely yours,
Henry & Carrie

Why Choose Us

What it means to be parents and what our strengths would be:
To be parents means fulfilment for us. We have been so very blessed, and we can't wait to share those blessings and love with a child. We both worked very hard early in life; that hard work has paid off and has afforded us the opportunity to now step back, enjoy our lives, families, and God willing, raise a family of our own. We know the value of time perhaps better than many and know how precious and important that time spent with our child will be.

Henry was adopted-- and knew early on in his childhood about his adoption. That knowledge was a gift, and he grew up knowing his biological mom loved him very much and wanted the very best for him. It's very, very important to us that our child feel the same way. Our child will be surrounded by love, attention, will benefit from the best education and will experience life to the fullest.

What I want you to know about my wife, Carrie:
"My wife is an amazing woman---to me, she's WonderWoman. When I met her, she was a highly successful professional. She still could be, but she has made it her purpose and goal in life to focus on starting our family. To give up a great job and all the comforts that go along with it shows just how devoted to her child she will be. She has the kindest heart, truly loves everyone she meets, and will be the kind of Mom that any child would dream to have. She is loved--she has the support of family, friends, and of course of me. But while we all love and support her, we really know that she is the glue that holds most things together and without her we'd all be pretty lost. I know that you'll love her too. " - Henry

What I want you to know about my husband, Henry:
"My husband is the happiest, most positive, confident man I have ever met. Know that if you give birth to a boy, he will have a strong, honest, Christian man showing him the way. If you give birth to a girl, my husband will be love, adore and protect her more fiercely than anything on this earth. It took me 35 years to find him, but he is a smart, caring man who makes me smile every day. He encourages everyone around him and genuinely wants the very best for people, no matter the impact on him. His family is a close one...his parents are a loving, Christian couple who have been married 50 years, adopted two children of their own, and welcomed me into the family with open arms as their daughter-in-law. As an adopted child, Henry has such a valuable perspective...he knows what a tremendous gift his adoption was and how courageous his birth mother was. He has been amazing and supportive in every way throughout our journey to have a family. He has so much love to give...and will be an incredible, loving father." - Carrie

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