James & Jessica's Adoption Profile
Job Description
Sr Mgr 3D Design & Visualization
Bachelor's Degree
Master's Degree
Spending Time with Family, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Art, & Reading
Contemporary Christian, Rock
3D Animation Books, Autobiographies, Mysteries
History Channel, Sci-Fi, Comedies, Dramas
Spending Time with Family & Friends, Hiking, Biking, & Reading
Contemporary Christian, Pop rock, Country
Mysteries, Realistic & Historical Fiction
Comedies, Drama Mysteries
Mexican & Southern Comfort Food
3 year old son

Commitment Statement: Our commitment is to our children, who we will cherish as the most precious gifts that we could ever receive. We will always put our children first and what is best for them. We commit to raising our children in a God centered, loving, supportive, and stable home. We will do everything in our power to help them achieve their goals and dreams in life.

What Takes Priority in Our Life: Our priorities in life are God and family. We want to raise our children to know God's love and the love and support of family. We are so blessed to have a wonderful, supportive family. Both of our families spend holidays and birthdays together and take a vacation together each year. We love spending as much time as we can with our family, whether it's just hanging out at the house or taking a trip to the zoo.

State Location

Our house

Letter to Birth Mother

Dear Birth Mother,

We are so honored you have chosen us to receive the most selfless gift anyone could ever give us. We can never understand what you are going through right now, but we know that you love this child to be considering adoption. We are James and Jessica. We have been married for 17 years now and after many years of wanting to have a child we came to realize that adoption was the plan God had for us starting our family.

This plan began to unfold three years ago when we were blessed to adopt our son. We are so excited to add another child to our family and for our son to have a sibling. We know that being parents isn't always easy, but we will continue to work together as a team through the ups and downs that we may face. Although James works full time and Jessica works part-time, spending time as a family is a priority in our lives. Jessica is a teacher so she will have the summer months off and during the school year has the flexibility to be home by four on the days she works. James' work understands about taking days off as well. We live in a community that provides many family friendly activities where we enjoy going for walks or bike rides with our son on the many trails through out our town as well as Razorback games.

We are very family oriented. James' mother lives with in walking distance and Jessica's family lives a couple of hours away and we make frequent visits to each other's homes for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions. We have four nieces that we love spending time with and frequently attend their games and recitals, as well as have them over to play with our son as much as possible. Our families take a vacation together every year and enjoy spending time with each other and spoiling the grandchildren. Both of our families are so excited about welcoming another grandchild, niece/nephew, and cousin to our family and can't wait to spoil them rotten with love and attention. Jessica's mother has already started some traditions with her other grandchildren and can't wait to have another grandchild to include in these traditions.

We will provide a loving, supportive, and nurturing home for our children. We will encourage them to work hard, set goals for their life, and value their education. We will always support them in whatever they do and encourage them to pursue what they are passionate about in life. We will communicate openly with our children and provide an environment where they know that they can always come to us for anything. We want our children to know they are loved by many and are a special gift from God every single day.

We hope that you have an understanding of the home and life we will provide our children. We want to thank you again for giving us this amazing gift. We will forever be grateful to you and your sacrifice.

James & Jessica

Why Choose Us

Jessica and our son playing in the creek

James drawing with our son

What it means to be parents and what our strengths would be:
To us being parents means always being there for your children, through the good and the bad, loving, supporting, and encouraging them every step of the way. It means always putting your children and their needs first. We are so excited to be parents to another child! We can't wait to read bedtime stories, play games, give our love to this child, and experience life with him/her. We will work together to provide a safe, consistent, nurturing, and loving environment for our children.

What I want you to know about my wife, Jessica:
"Jessica has been my one love and most precious gift in life. she is my best friend and spiritual partner. Jessica is self sacrificing and passionate about helping those she loves. Her heart is big and she is extremely compassionate of others needs before her own. In the seventeen years of marriage I have seen her grow spiritually and be the leading council I seek no matter what the topic. She has a true knack for listening and providing her amazing perspective that calms my soul and helps keep me grounded. She is a compassionate educator and truly loves all "her kids" that she teaches on a daily basis. She has a true love of life and is my rock. In my opinion, there is no better potential loving mother one could ask for." - James

What I want you to know about my husband, James:
"James is my best friend and the love of my life. He is an amazing husband and father to our son. He is always there for us when we need him. Throughout our marriage he has always loved, supported, and encouraged me on a daily basis. He has such a big heart and generous spirit. Even though he works hard to provide for our family, he also has a fun, humorous side that can turn a bad day around in a second. He's always making us laugh and our son and four nieces think he is the greatest play buddy in the world! They spend hours playing, creating art, and laughing with each other. These qualities are what make him a wonderful husband and an amazing father to our children." - Jessica

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