Kenneth and Melissa's Adoption Profile
Job Description
Warehouse Supervisor
Esthetician, Makeup Artist
Some College
College Graduate
Racing, Traveling, Bowling, Playing fetch and taking walks with our dog Buck
Classic Country, Soft Rock & Current Pop
History, Non-Fiction
All types of racing, HGTV, Sitcoms and Comedy
Cheesecake, Pizza, Anything Melissa makes
Teaching dance, Traveling, Decorating, Spending time with family & friends
90's anything, Pop, Classic Country
Mystery and love, Inspirational, The Bible
HGTV, Sitcoms, Drama
Anything healthy, Chicken, Veggies, Frozen Yogurt

Commitment Statement: We are committed to ensure our child leads a happy and healthy life. We will unconditionally dedicate our lives to them. They will be raised with respect for themselves as well as others. Our child will have the opportunities to enjoy whatever sport or activity they choose to do. We will work hard to provide their needs and wants. As their parents we promise to love them forever and support them always.

State Location

What Takes Priority In Our Life: Simply being happy! We love to have fun with each other and live each day to the fullest. We work hard for what we have, but we enjoy the simple things in life. Our favorite is spending time with our friends and family, weather a quick dinner or a day at the lake lot, is one of our main priorities in life.

Letter to Birth Mother

Dear Birth Mother,

We would like to start off by saying how brave and strong you are for helping another family fulfill their dreams. It takes a very special person to give this gift and we applaud you. Our hearts and home are open to receiving such a beautiful gift, and we will treat your child as such. We want you to know that your child will be loved beyond imagination. They will know that they were conceived in love and received from a caring heart. He or she will always know where they came from and the love their biological mother had for them. Family is very important to us, including ones that aren’t what we would call blood relatives. We have a strong connection with our parents and siblings and spend plenty of quality time with them. They are all very excited to have another addition to the family and are ready to make many great memories. Melissa’s nephew is always asking when his cousin will be here.

Since I was a young girl I knew I wanted to adopt, it was just something I felt I would do. My parents always thought it was strange that I said such thing at an early age; some may call it intuition. Then many years later I met the man of my dreams and I knew I wanted to have a family with him. After some tries and a health issue scare, I learned I would not be able to carry a child. I believe in the saying “Everything happens for a reason”. I do believe that we were unable to have a biological child so we could help another child have a wonderful life. My husband has been nothing but supportive during these years of trying and we are both ready to have the family that we desire.

We could never understand how hard it is for you to make this decision, but we want you to know that you will be providing such joy to us and our family, joy that could never be repaid, joy that Ken and I will be forever thankful for. Thank you for your consideration and you will be in our thoughts and prayers during this time and always!

Kenneth and Melissa

Why Choose Us

Branson Fall 2016

Family wedding Atlanta 2016

What it means to be parents and what our strengths would be:
Just the mere thought of holding our baby for the first time brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. To see Ken fall in love once more makes my heart soar with joy. One of our major strengths is the love for our child is already there and we will strive to be the best parents for our child. I believe we will complement each other in parenting. We both have strengths that the other lacks (we are not perfect). We will never be one sided and always parent together.

What I want you to know about my wife, Melissa:
"During the time I have been with my wife, Melissa, it is apparent that one of her best qualities is caring for others. Whether it be caring for patients when working in the medical field, or teaching dance to three year olds, she does a great job of helping and making them feel comfortable. She is such an amazing aunt to our nephew JR, and enjoys doing fun activities with him. She is great with children, and has always dreamed of a child of our own. Melissa has a very outgoing personality, and loves spending time with our friends and family." - Kenneth

What I want you to know about my husband, Kenneth:
"I knew from the first evening we met that he was going to be my forever person. I think I did most of the talking that night, but he listened and I felt so comfortable with him. Still, 7 years later he is my comfort. He makes my heart jump and I find myself loving him more each day. He is a great doggie dad to our Buck and they became best friends instantly, even though he’s a cat guy. I love his sarcasm and the way he finds humor in things. He is quiet but definitely not shy. Ken is always willing to help anyone, and enjoys spending time at the race track mentoring young racers. I love the way he plays with my nephew and if you would ask him, Uncle Ken is one of his favorite people. I know he will make an excellent father, not only because I have seen him with children, but because the way the children look at him." - Melissa

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