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Job Description
Security and Asset Protection Executive
Stay-at-home Mom
Hiking, Biking, Working-Out, Running, Anything Outside
Blues, Rock, Classical, Jazz
Nonfiction, History, Biographies
Comedies, Drama, Football, All Sports
American, Mexican, Asian, Desserts
Anything Outside, Running, Gardening, Hiking, Cooking
All types
Anything Laine Moriarty writes! Biographies
This is Us, Mom, Cooking Shows
Italian, Greek, Anything Grilled
Luke (age 2 1/2)

Commitment Statement: As adoptive parents, our greatest responsibility would be to give unconditional love, protection and support to a child and provide a home focused on happiness and education. We promise to support and encourage their dreams and ambitions, fostering integrity and honesty throughout their life. We would want our child to know that they will always be loved by both their birth mother and us as adoptive parents. We will always support conversation that this blessed event is open and positive from a young age. Our commitment is to provide a loving environment and unwavering support so our child will grow up healthy, happy and be able to achieve their dreams.

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What Takes Priority in Our Life: Our family always takes priority in our lives. Our journey to become a family has been difficult which makes us cherish every day together as a married couple and as parents. As a happily married couple, we are devoted to each other, and as parents we are deeply devoted to our son. Our other priorities include our faith, love and connection with our extended family, constant growth and learning and having fun together as a family everyday.

Our house on a kid-filled cul-de-sac

Living room


Letter to Birth Mother

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you so much considering us as you make the difficult decision of who will parent your child. We are Kate and Mike. We hope that through this letter and hopefully our time together, you will be able to see the love and deep appreciation we have for each other, our family and our son. Our greatest wish is to expand our family and share our love, joy and laughter with another child. Your child will be welcomed into a loving, supportive and joy-filled home with a boy that can’t wait to be a big brother!

Our dreams for a family became a struggle with infertility, but finally we were blessed with our son Luke in October 2014. Our journey to become a family has been a difficult one, making us cherish each other and our role as parents everyday. We see adoption as the single greatest act of love and selflessness birth parents can show, and to be a part of that would be humbling and inspiring.

We want you to know the immense respect we have for you. We cannot imagine how hard of a decision this must be. You have immeasurable courage, strength and love within you. That will always be shared with your child - what a selfless, giving and brave birth mother he or she has. We know that you want only the very best for your child, and we promise to make it our daily mission to live up to the expectations, hopes and dreams you have for him or her. We have a big extended family who are ready to welcome this child with open arms.

Mike & Kate

Why Choose Us

I do!

What it means to be parents and what our strengths would be:
Being a parent is the hardest yet most important and rewarding job we could ever do and we are thankful for everyday we get to do it. We are loving parents who have gone through the experience of raising an infant and now toddler and understand the dedication (and humor!) it takes to raise kids. We are blessed to be financially stable allowing Kate to stay at home with our Son and focus on sharing experiences and providing a good education. We believe a happy child is a child that feels safe, secure, loved and free to explore their world around them. We have a large and very involved extended family and we know that our son will be a protective and loving brother to his new sibling.

What I want you to know about my wife, Kate:
"It took me many years to find Kate. She is the girl that I had been wishing and hoping would come into my life. She is down to earth, funny, hard working, goofy and an extremely loving and caring person. I knew at on first date that Kate shares the same Christian values, goals and loving spirit as me. I always thought that Kate would make a great mother, but I really didn't know how incredibly patient and nurturing she would be until we had our son Luke. I am so blessed to have Kate as my best friend and wife, but I am exceptionally fortunate to have her as the best mom a child can ever have!" - Mike

What I want you to know about my husband, Mike:
"Mike simply amazes me. He has accomplished so much in his life working overseas protecting our embassies, but you would never know he used to have such a serious job. He is the most light-hearted, funny person always ready with a smile and silly joke. He has loved me unconditionally and always makes me feel like Luke and I are his top priority. He is an incredibly caring man to me and our son and tears up saying how lucky he is to have us. But, the truth is we are lucky to have him. He is our solid rock, caregiver, friend, love, protector, playmate and guide. He is an amazing father and I am so blessed to go through life with him." - Kate

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