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Food Safety
Bachelors of Architecture and Masters of Operations Management
Bachelor of Science and Masters of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Snowboarding, Traveling & Building Things
All kinds of music
The Great Gatsby
The Wonder Years, The Office
Swimming, Traveling, Knitting, Reading
All kinds of music
John Irving, Dan Brown and everything else
All kinds of food
A 2 year-old daughter

Commitment Statement: We are committed to raising our children in a loving and supportive home. We will strive to provide our children with every opportunity to have cherished childhood memories and grow into well rounded adults.

What Takes Priority in our Life: Our family and our relationships. We cherish the times we spend with our families and the times we spend strengthening our relationship.

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Letter to Birth Mother

Dear Birth Mother,

We are grateful for the opportunity that we have for you to read our letter. This is a letter we have been anticipating writing since it was explained to one of us 25 years ago that we would be unable to have children.

We realize that we do not understand the feelings and emotions that you must have at this time in your life, but thank you for considering adoption as an option.

We have been married nearly 9 years. We met in college through mutual friends and then worked together at jobs that helped support putting ourselves through college. We eventually began dating, graduated college and got married and have lived primarily in Arkansas since.

In 2014, we were blessed with a birth mother who chose us as the family to raise her beautiful baby girl. The joy we experience each day is immeasurable. We live each day knowing that we want to make our birth mother proud of us and her daughter that she placed in our care. We would be so blessed to be granted the gift of doing the same for you.

My wife is my best friend, she is patient, compassionate, and a hard worker, qualities that I greatly admire. We both believe in working for what you desire, and though we promise to spoil our children with love and empathy, we will ensure that we will raise them with the awareness of being appreciative for things that are given to them.

My husband is a generous man who takes pride in caring for his family and friends. He has a sense of adventure which has enabled us to travel to many places and always feel at home and secure.

Our extended family includes grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles and aunts who live in various parts of the United States, we enjoy our time with family many times a year during holidays and vacations. In addition, our extended family includes friends who we have made through the years enjoying activities from playing board games to attending football games together.

We look forward to raising children and look forward to the obvious birthdays and holidays, but also the everyday lessons of late night school projects, illnesses and whatever may come with the teenage years.

We have always envisioned our lives with children and extending our love and resources to them, allowing them to be raised with us is a choice that we thank you for considering.

Best Regards,
Stephen and Casey

Why Choose Us

Cape Cod Beach Vacation

What it means to be parents and what our strengths would be:
The opportunity to raise our children with the same love, values and respect that our parents raised us. Our strengths would be our love for each other, our children and our family and our level headed approach to everything we encounter in life.

What I want you to know about my wife, Casey:
"There are many great things about my wife, if I had to identify a few it would be her kindness, patience, and intellect. Casey makes those around her a better person, she seems to always have a kind way of introducing new ideas, and her intelligence and desire to continue to educate herself and others is admired. Casey is a warm person with a love for animals, she enjoys reading and is a great listener. Casey simultaneously has great drive and a desire to be a model at the tasks she takes both professionally and personally. She works to ensure that our daughter understands how success can be achieved and takes the time to explain and display perseverance." - Stephen

What I want you to know about my husband, Stephen:
"Stephen is my best friend and a dedicated father. He is devoted to his family and is a hands on Dad who loves to come up with wonderful and exciting ideas for our daughter. He is fun, charismatic and energetic and with these traits your find people of any age like to be near him. He loves to entertain and travel, which leaves us with many lasting memories. Stephen is someone who is driven with a plan but an adventure is never far away. We have built a strong and wonderful partnership over the past ten years and I have been so fortunate to find a man such as him and know that he is the perfect person to be with to raise a family." - Casey

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