Tim and Chris' Adoption Profile
Job Description
B.S. in Animal Science
Model railroading, Gardening
Religious focused books
No television; enjoy Pixar movies
I enjoy most foods.
Being outdoors, reading, sewing
Country, Oldies (50's & 60's)
Historical Fiction
No television; enjoy Pixar movies and family drama or comedy (on DVD)
Thai, Mexican, Chinese, and anything that Tim makes
Isaac, approximately 18 months

Commitment Statement: As adoptive parents, we promise to be supportive of all our children, encouraging them to strive for their dreams, even if it includes taking some risks. We promise to provide a safe and stable home life, with nearby extended family. We promise to provide opportunities for a good education, including college if desired. We promise to encourage an active lifestyle, and to promote creativity.

We understand that there will be difficult times in our children's lives, related to growing up and establishing their personal identity, and we will answer their questions regarding adoption and family life in a truthful and positive manner. We understand family is very influential in a child's life, and we will be good role models in all areas of our lives. We understand that there is a difference between being frustrated with a child's actions, versus being frustrated with the child. We promise to provide unconditional love.

State Location

What Takes Priority In Our Life: Being successful does not mean being famous or wealthy, but having a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, love, support, and a cheerful heart. We prioritize our time for God and family, as well as volunteering our time to help others. We pride ourselves on being trustworthy and dependable, in relationship to our family, friends, and co-workers.

How We Spend Time Together as a Family: We are a family that enjoys spending quality time together, and as a part of that, have decided not to have television service in our home. We acquire our news from newspapers and the internet, and our entertainment from movies, reading, time spent outside, traveling, and our hobbies. Perhaps this makes us a little eccentric, but we believe it makes us more social, creative, and adventurous.

Our home in winter

Our Backyard and deck

Letter to Birth Mother

Greetings from Lake Country,

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter; learn more about us, and the love we have for each other and our families. We understand that you are facing a big decision in your life, which should be taken very seriously, and hope this letter will give you a positive glimpse of our lives.

Our names are Timothy and Christina. We are both in our thirties, and have been married for over eight years. We also have a son, who we adopted in 2014. Tim is a very attentive and thoughtful husband and father; willing to perform even the smallest tasks that may be asked of him, including making an ice cream run when Chris has a craving. He is an active, dedicated and supportive father, who has never been afraid of diaper duty. Chris is a hands-on, nurturing individual, and has been able to utilize those characteristics as a wife, mother, and at work.

We met during graduate school, while studying veterinary medicine in Iowa. Tim happened to sit next to Chris in lecture. We were both involved in the Christian Veterinary Fellowship and attended Friday night movie nights with mutual friends. We married during senior year of vet school. Tim decided that veterinary medicine was not for him, and he withdrew from the program, falling back on his experience in food service. Tim currently works as a cook at a local retirement home. Chris obtained her DVM degree and works at a local small animal veterinary clinic.

Today, we live in a small, quiet suburb in Minnesota. Our home has a large yard and many of the neighbors have small children. In addition to our son, we share our home with three cats. There is never a dull moment in our home, as we are all very active. In our spare time, we enjoy going for walks at local nature centers, playing in the dirt (landscaping and gardening), biking, and swimming. Tim enjoys cooking and baking, and we take pride in cooking holiday dinners completely from scratch. He also works on model trains. Chris enjoys reading, sewing, and spending time outside. We all like to visit with friends and neighbors, and their children. We are both involved in our church communities, including; Bible studies, the fall festival, bell choir, and chancel choir. Our son loves to run around the yard, go swimming, make new friends, and chase the cats. He also loves to visit with Grandma and Grandpa, who live nearby.

Though we both work in areas of service, we believe the most important impact we can have on society is to raise generous and caring children. Tim and I are accepting of individuals who differ from us regarding race, nationality, and religion; and will teach our child, and future children, to be tolerant of others. We promise to provide our children with loving and supportive parents, a safe and stable environment, opportunities for a good education, and an active lifestyle.

Our positive adoption experience only strengthens our desires to be the best parents we can be for our son. We can’t wait to add another child into our home in the future. We are very thankful to have been trusted once, with the most precious gift we have ever received, and we know we have room in our hearts and our home for another child. We are excited at the prospect of adding to our family, including our extended family, through adoption.

Thank you very much for your consideration. We wish you the best as you make your decision. Good luck, and God bless.

Tim and Chris

Why Choose Us

What it means to be parents and what our strengths would be:
Since the day we were married, we have looked forward to raising children. We know that the most important role models a child has are their parents and close family, and we are committed to being good moral examples for our children. Since our son is adopted, we hope that our children will also have a support system within each other.

Being parents is more than just providing for a child's physical needs, but is about providing for their emotional needs as well. Being parents means being available when a child is sick or hurting, making sacrifices for the good of the family, and being encouraging and supportive.

Both of our employers are family friendly, with day care opportunities at Tim's work, and a flexible schedule available for Chris. Chris' family also lives nearby, and provides some child care when we both work.

What I want you to know about my wife, Chris:
"One of the the things that attracted me to Chris was her strong desire to be a mother. Though she has a good career, she desires to make her top priority her children and family, rather than her work. Chris desires to make a name for herself by raising good kids, not through her job. Her love of children spills over into her hobbies as well. Chris has designed and stitched several quilts for her cousins' and friends' babies. She has also made a Noah's Ark themed quilt for our own child Isaac.

My wife has never been materialistic. She enjoys a nice meal, or a weekend away for birthdays and anniversaries, rather than material gifts. She believes love can be better shown by doing things for and spending time with someone, instead of acquiring things. I think this is a very important value to instill in children." - Tim

What I want you to know about my husband, Tim:
"I was first attracted to Tim's Christian upbringing and conservative nature. He was a source of comedic relief when school became stressful, and a source for dinner when the hours became long during 4th year rotations in veterinary school. Tim is always there when I need him, and performs even the most mundane tasks if asked. He is respectful of me, our son, and our pets, as well as his coworkers and friends. Tim is always willing to lend a helping hand. Tim is a hard-worker, knowing that the final outcome of a job-well-done is a reflection on him. Tim is willing to try new things, whether it be learning electrical work, or tasting some of my family's ethnic Scandinavian and German foods.

The most attractive quality in my husband is his commitment to family. Tim is a very devoted and hands-on father, and does not shy away from diaper duty. Tim spends quite a bit of one-on-one time with our son, and they have a very special bond. Tim is also very excited to add to our family through adoption, knowing that another child will only multiply the joy that our son has brought into our lives." - Chris

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