A Birth Mother's Testimonial

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Jessica Crawford Testimony

When I was 17, I was pregnant, alone and very scared. I knew I was too young and not prepared enough to give my child the life I knew he deserved. My mom and I made an appointment with Mr. Kelley. That day he spent several hours with me and also made me realize this was not the end of the world and my life was far from over. He continued to tell me how proud he was of me for giving my son a chance and he told me what a wonderful and amazing gift I would be giving to a couple.

The next day I spoke to the first potential adoptive mother on the phone B we talked for hours B we just clicked and never looked back. David and Laura made the long drive for all of my doctors appointments and anything else I needed them to be here for. As time went on I grew to love them and even felt like I was a part of their family.

All through my pregnancy I received counseling through Mr. Kelley’s office to prepare myself for what I was about to go through and some of the feelings I would experience. The entire time and even after the adoption was final, if I ever needed someone to talk to Mr. Kelley or his wife Joye made themselves available. They always continued to remind me how strong I was and what a wonderful thing I was doing.

Mr. Kelley has not only the adoptive parents best interest at heart, but also the birth mothers and even her family, too. I always knew with the Kelley Law Firm I was not just some girl giving up a baby, but a special person they really care about. I know without the help and concern of Mr. Kelley and his staff I never could have placed my son for adoption.

Seven years later I still know it was the right decision and I still feel good about it. I continue to get letters and pictures, but most importantly I know he is doing well and he is where he should be.