Andy and Erin

Who We Are?

We are Andy and Erin Malin. We have been married for 10 years and have 4 daughters. Some of our favorite things to do as a family are travel to new cities, experience new restaurants, and spend time together relaxing at home while watching sports or movies. We have a family dog named Hank, who is a Newfoundland poodle mix. Hank is so sweet and loves running around the yard with the girls. We live in Buffalo, New York and have loved exploring all the fun this city has to offer.

Why Are We Adopting?

From the beginning of our marriage, we have talked about adopting a child. We would cherish the opportunity to love on and add a child to our family through adoption. Growing up, Erin’s family was best friends with a family who adopted their oldest son. Andy’s oldest brother has adopted 2 children from China. We also have multiple close friends with adopted children and have seen the positive impact of adoption. Adoption is an amazing way to love a child and we are eager to have that opportunity!

Why Choose Us?

Our family would be a great selection for adoption for many reasons, but the most impactful reasons are we love being parents, invest in our children’s growth and most importantly, the adopted child would be welcomed with open arms to 4 built in best friends from the first day they become part of our family!