Brad and Sara

Who We Are?

We are Brad and Sara. We live in central Arkansas and have been together for almost 6 years and happily married for 3 of those. Brad has a daughter, Chloe, who lives out of state with her mom. Family is important to us. We always have fun and go on adventures when Chloe is with us for school breaks, summer, and holidays. Both of our parents live in the same town as we do, and Sara’s mom even lives next door. We see our parents a lot and like to have dinners together and do game nights.

We really enjoy being outdoors and traveling. We go camping, hiking, and kayaking regularly and have been trying to visit all of Arkansas’ state parks. We also enjoy going to concerts, seeing baseball games, and gardening. Brad’s hobbies include grilling, watching college football and Marvel movies, and working on projects in his garage. Sara’s hobbies include reading, doing crafts like embroidery, photography, organizing projects around the house, and taking our dog Bailey for her morning walk.

Brad works as a programmer and has been with the same company for 14 years. Sara is a licensed psychologist and works as a health services researcher. She has worked for the same healthcare system for 12 years. We are both fortunate to have jobs that allow us to work from our home office often.

Why Are We Adopting?

We have always wanted to have children together. After dealing with infertility, we decided to pursue adoption. Our parents were overjoyed when we shared that we had begun our journey towards adoption. We both come from loving families who welcome others, whether it be Sara’s mom inviting friends and neighbors to Thanksgiving or how Brad’s parents welcomed their adopted grandson into the family when Brad’s brother adopted.

Why Choose Us?

We have room in our home, lives, and hearts for your child. We will give your child a loving and fun family. We are excited to share our family traditions, love of the outdoors, and sense of adventure with your child. Education is important to us. We will provide your child with a great education, opportunities to explore their interests, and support for whatever path they choose in life. We want your child to understand where they came from as they grow up; you and their adoption story will always be an important part of that. Your child will be loved by us, our families, and our friends. Thank you for considering us as you make this important decision for your child and their future.