Corey and Jason

Hi there! Our names are Jason and Corey and we are thrilled that you are reading our adoption profile. We understand that creating an adoption plan is an incredibly difficult decision, and we would like to offer our support to you in any way that you may find helpful. We want you to know that we are flexible to your situation and needs throughout this process.

About Us

Fifteen years ago, we met at an Arkansas vs. Alabama football game while we were both studying at the University of Arkansas. We have been together since that day and were married in June 2016. Currently, Corey is a diplomat with the United Nations, and he was previously a diplomat with the US Government. Jason has worked in various managerial and administrative positions at US Embassies overseas as we have traveled the globe together. Since 2009, we have lived in Kenya, Uganda, Afghanistan, Philippines and South Korea. Our passion of helping others to reach their full potential has been demonstrated throughout our careers. We’ve spent the past 12 years working to assist vulnerable people and communities improve their quality of life. For example, Jason managed a small grants program in Uganda that helped young people learn health and life skills, and Corey worked with farmers across Africa to improve crop yields and ultimately increase their family income.

A bit more about Corey and his family:


Corey can be best described as kind-hearted, thoughtful, adventurous and hardworking. He grew up on a farm in Kansas, and most of his family still lives and works near the farm where he was raised. Corey earned bachelor’s degrees in International Agribusiness and Animal Science and a master’s degree in Agricultural Economics. He has three siblings and nine nieces; his extended family often reunites on the farm for birthdays and holidays where they celebrate with a big meal, play games and watch movies. Corey loves to cook and garden, and he teaches community cooking classes for aspiring amateur chefs and bakers in his free time.

A bit more about Jason and his family:


Jason can best be described as someone with a great sense of humor, caring, gentle and witty. He was raised in Arkansas and, like Corey, he also comes from a big, loving family. Jason has five siblings and 13 nieces and nephews. His family loves to gather and tell stories around the dinner table. Jason earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology and studied Higher Education Administration at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. For fun he likes to get out into nature as much as possible, exploring national parks and hiking trails. He also enjoys finding the perfect ‘treasure’ at flea markets and yard sales on the weekends.

Why we are adopting:


We have always known that children would be part of our future together and have been working to find the best way to expand our family for the past five years. Adoption is close to our hearts because we have an immediate family member that has adopted a child, and it has been a blessing for our entire family. We hope to provide that same wonderful experience as we begin our family.

We have been fortunate to have many positive experiences and opportunities in our lives – from growing up in the rural countryside to earning our university degrees to experiencing many different cultures overseas – that we are excited to share with our children. We have a strong relationship and have worked to create a solid and stable life for ourselves. We are eager to share the love and happy home that we have built with children of our own.

Why choose us:

Over the past five years of hoping to start a family, we have been preparing ourselves mentally, emotionally, and financially – and we are ready! Our unique work as diplomats overseas has put us in a solid financial position to meet the needs of a growing family. We own a home in Arkansas, and we hope to eventually have at least two and maybe three children. We are especially excited to introduce a new little one to our large extended family and our close-knit group of friends who will make up the community of people that will love and support this child. Because we are uncles to 22 nieces and nephews, we both already have years of experience loving and supporting our siblings’ children.

We are ready to provide special experiences for a child and share the important family values that have shaped us into the people we are today. We will prioritize education; share our love of animals and nature; teach the importance of health and nutrition through home cooked meals; introduce opportunities for art, music and sports; and of course, plan for future travel and exploration in the US and around the world. We are excited to share our love with a child and help him or her to grow and develop into a healthy and productive adult. We cannot wait to cultivate the little things that create an everlasting bond between parents and children – cooking big family breakfasts on Saturday mornings – helping to solve that difficult math homework – picking out the first family pet – planning memorable vacations, and creating many new traditions together as a family.

We are eager to meet you and demonstrate the love, empathy, guidance, and opportunity that your child will receive should you select us as adoptive parents. Please know that we are exceptionally prepared to become parents, and should you choose us, your child will become the most treasured and precious part of our lives from this day forward.