David and Leslie

We are David and Leslie, and those are our littles: Milli, Fox, and Boone. Together we make up Team Vest. Thank you for taking the time to learn about and consider our family. We also want to thank you for considering your choices and to let you know how very brave and strong we think you are. We are so excited to be adopting and to find our missing piece! We hope that our story will help you in making your choice. Please know that no matter what you choose we are praying for all the happiness and success of both you and your child. We hope this book gives you a glimpse of who we are as a family. We SO look forward to meeting you!

David and Leslie met in college at Oklahoma State University. They both consider different occasions as the first time they met. David says the first time they met was at the University pool while hanging out with mutual friends, but Leslie didn’t really remember him too much from that day and considers their first time meeting at a church activity when they were playing “getting to know you” games with the new students. It’s something they still love to laugh about today and give each other a hard time about. Leslie asked David out to fro-yo but when she wouldn’t let David pay, he decided he would ask her to dinner so he could do the “manly thing” and pay. They fell in love very quickly! In fact, David told Leslie on their 3rd date that he “loved her”, which was very unlike his character. Leslie knew she loved him too but waited a whole extra day to tell him.

They were engaged less than a month later. David proposed to Leslie in the exact spot his father proposed to his mother 26 years earlier. They were married in the Washington D.C. LDS Temple on June 11, 2011. Together they love to laugh and sing way too loudly. They love to spend as much time together as possible, even if it’s just running errands. They find joy in being parents and all the wild crazy fun that children bring into their lives.

A little about David


David grew up in a military family and had the opportunity to live all over the U.S., Central America and Japan. He has an older brother and sister as well as two younger brothers and a younger sister. David graduated high school in 2005 while living in Japan and returned stateside for college, but it would be another 10 years before he finished his degree in Information Technology. David loves to play video games, watch movies and shows, take Leslie out on dates and work on programming side projects. David tries to spend as much time with his wife and kids as he can. They are all very important to him.

David is a software engineer. He is also a volunteer for the hospital.

A little about Leslie


Leslie grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. She is the oldest of 7 sisters and 1 brother. Leslie says her family has been “puzzle pieced” together as her family has been formed through step and half siblings. She is an aunt to 9 nieces and 9 nephews. Family has always been very important to her, and regardless of where she’s been in life, she keeps them as a top priority. Her favorite time of year is Summer. She loves used bookstores, and being out in nature, but also loves to meet up and spend time with friends. Her favorite foods include ice cream, french fries, and chips and salsa. She graduated high school in 2006 and went on to Oklahoma State University Graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2010.

Leslie is a stay at home mom. Leslie homeschools, teaches local watercolor classes, teaches and choreographs for the high school colorguard, and is the story time reader at the library.

How David thinks of Leslie


Leslie has become my best friend over the years. From the early days of our relationship it became very apparent to me that this was a woman I wanted to be around for the rest of my life. She has an infectious laugh and beautiful smile that brings joy to my soul. On top of that, her intelligence and drive is something that I envy. Watching her pushes me to become a better person, she challenges me to expand my mind and she makes my heart happy. She truly is a kind and understanding person that balances and levels me in every aspect of my life.

How Leslie thinks of David


David is such a wonderful man. David makes me feel like the luckiest. He is an incredible husband and father. I often watch him with our children and think “Our children are so lucky to have David as their father.” He is patient and tender and loving. He’s silly and fun and playful. He makes me laugh everyday. He’s passionate and he knows what’s most important in life; family. David always puts us first. Everything he does is to provide the best and happiest life he possibly can to his family. I love him so deeply and feel so blessed that he picked me to be his.

A little about Milli


This is Amillia Lauralie. She goes most often by Milli. Milli is 8! She is in the 2nd grade and is homeschooled. Milli’s favorite school subjects are mathematics and nature study. Milli is a Wolf Scout in the BSA program and loves earning belt loops and working towards her next rank. Milli is a talented artist and enjoys painting and drawing in her free time. She also enjoys writing her own stories and playing with her friends. When Milli grows up she wants to be the first female Eagle Scout astronaut and go to the moon.

A little about Fox


This is Fox Chancellor Grant.Fox is 5! He is in Pre-K and is home-schooled. Fox’s favorite things to learn about are sign language and the planets. The school subject he most enjoys is nature study. Fox spends his free time building with Legos and playing Bakugan battle with his brother and sister. Fox loves jumping on the trampoline and searching for frogs in the garden. Fox is always on the lookout to help the worms cross the sidewalks so they don’t get burned up. He is sweet and tender. When Fox grows up he wants to be a police officer.

A little about Boone


This is Boone Benjamin Law. Boone is 2! Boone is often called “Wild Vest” because he is always doing something crazy. Boone is quick and fearless. You never know what he might do. He keeps everyone on their toes. Boone likes jumping on the couch when momma isn’t looking. He loves superheroes and playing dress up. Boone’s best day would be one in which he got to play outside all day. Boone is super silly and loves to make people smile. When Boone grows up, he wants to be Spiderman.

Zachary Binx


This is Zachary Binx. He is 2 years old. We rescued Zac and he has been a part of our family for about a year and a half. He loves playing fetch, running around outside with the kids, and going on family walks.

Clark W. Grisclaw


This is Clark W. Grisclaw. He is less than a year old. We adopted Clark when he was 2 months old. Clark and Zac are best friends. Clark loves morning nuzzles and sitting on the kids desk while they do their school work.

David’s Family


David’s family is large and loving. They are spread out across the country. Every other year they gather together for a family reunion where they play lots of games and go on fun adventures together. David’s parents have been married for 36 years and are currently building their dream home big enough for the whole family to visit.

Leslie’s Family


Leslie’s family is large and unique. Her family has been able to find the beauty in divorce and new marriages. Her family is spread out between Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas. They look for every opportunity to gather together as a family to laugh, play games, and tell stories.

Our Interests


We have fun playing board games and video games together. We also enjoy spending time outdoors in our garden, on local trails, and geocaching. In our family we don’t ever go a day without music. We enjoy loud singing, spontaneous dance parties, and trying to grow our talents on various instruments.

Our Home


We live in the perfect little town in a family oriented neighborhood with lots of kids our children’s ages. Our home is a single level with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. We have a big backyard with lots of fun stuff to play on and a large garden. Our favorite place in our house is our large family room because it is bright and shiny and set up for family fun!

Our Neighborhood and Community


We are blessed to live in a neighborhood full of children! We live in a beautiful area with so much to enjoy. We are supported by our church, friends, neighbors, library, scouts, and homeschool organization, to name a few.

Family Traditions


As a family we love traditions and have many for each holiday of the year. We love to make things and decorate the house for each holiday. We love to celebrate so much that we even celebrate half birthdays!

Our Promise to You


We have felt divinely directed that Leslie would not be the only one to bring all of our children to this earth. We have always looked forward to adopting and are so excited for this possibility! We would be so honored to provide your child with a safe and loving home and family that would love them unconditionally. We will always honor your role in all of our lives and make sure that your child will be proud to be adopted. We hope this book gave you a look at our lives and we look forward to meeting you! Thank you for taking the time to read this.


With love,
Team Vest (David, Leslie, Milli, Fox, & Boone)