Gage and Anna

Who We Are?

We are Gage and Anna– a young couple that loves to travel, spend time with our large, extended family, and cook new recipes together! We have been together for five years and married for almost three. Gage spent four years in the military which blessed us with a strong foundation for when we transitioned back into civilian life. Now, Gage is in a job he loves where he gets to create and perform educational lessons that meet the needs of each unique individual in the workplace. After completing her master’s degree, Anna started working in the marketing department at her family’s financial advising business which has provided us with the opportunity to explore new views and new foods! In our free time, we love to relax with family, partake in various outdoor activities, watch comedies, and play with our animals! We have two dogs that we love to take down to the swimming hole on our land, a cat that loves to bask in the sun on our screened-in porch, and some ducks that thoroughly enjoy the early morning as they let everyone know that it is, indeed, time to wake up. Our small-town life is easy to explain, but the beauty in it is hard to capture with just a few sentences!

Why Are We Adopting?

From the beginning of our relationship, we had talked about adoption. At individual times in our lives, it was something that had been heavy on our hearts, and we were elated to know our goals lined up from the start. Our original thought was that we would have biological and adopted kiddos, but after getting diagnosed with a bladder condition that could cause pain in pregnancy, we decided that adoption was the only way we wanted to grow. There was never a time we had to make a choice as adoption was always our priority, but we do believe it is important to share with you every step we took that led us here. Our extended family is already large and diverse, so we have a strong support system excited and ready to grow with us. Because of our complex family tree, each family member truly has a deep love and respect for adoption. Both sides of adoption are not new to our (extended) family. All these parts of our life have led us here and given us the chance to be one of the waiting families today.

Why Choose Us?

Being a young couple, we have the chance to give our full-hearted, healthy mind, body, and soul to your child. The adventures and travel we go on allows for them to have a diverse upbringing with the steady support of two parents that are completely dedicated to them. In addition, our large family becomes their support system too and we both can attest to the difference our big family has made in our lives. We have a warm and cozy home, nestled in a little valley with a little white church at the top of the hill. Our beds are always clean and warm, and our home is always a safe space for anyone. The love we have all bottled up for this time is waiting to explode, and it will be never-ending for your child, for you and this chapter in your life. As you navigate this time, we are continuously praying for peace and comfort in your decision, and we hope you know you will always have someone rooting for you. We have always been the couple to drop everything for friends, family, and other individuals we do not even know. We pray we get to share that love and acceptance of others with your child as they grow in this ever-changing world. Anna focused on child development in her bachelor’s degree and Gage frequently helped her study for tests which has given us a great foundation of understanding patience and understanding the unique growth of each child. There are no expectations in our home of who your child is supposed to be. We will have unconditional love and support through every phase, every decision, every exploration that your child will want to take, and we will just be thrilled to watch them grow into who they are.