Greg and Shae

Who We Are?

Hello! It takes a lot of strength to make such an important decision for you and your baby, so we want to thank you for considering us in your life’s journey. A little bit about us …we have been happily married for over three years and it is our greatest hope to adopt a child. Professionally, Greg is an IT consultant who mainly works from his home office. Shae has been involved in the education field for most her career, having taught a variety of age groups and subjects. Both of our jobs have a large amount of flexibility, which will also afford us the opportunity to be very present in your child’s life.

Greg is a great cook and enjoys trying out new recipes. Shae likes to garden and do home projects. We are both big movie and music fans as well as avid readers and enjoy attending community activities such as theater productions in a nearby park or regional festivals. A healthy and balanced lifestyle is a priority for us, so we aim to stay active and fit while also taking time to enjoy the simple things in life too, like talking over coffee and playing with our dogs.

Life is short, so we try to have as many adventures as possible. Traveling is one of our favorite pastimes. Our trips range from pursuing recreational activities (e.g., hiking and skiing) to visiting historical destinations or places we have never been. We are also family-oriented and like to spend time with our relatives every chance we can. Holidays are especially exciting and anticipated, so we look forward to sharing those with your child. Both of us are animal lovers and have two dogs who are very gentle and are like part of the family. As a child gets older, we believe he or she would benefit from loving and caring for a furry friend. We also love our time outdoors and spend many hours at our family farm soaking up country living.

Why Are We Adopting?

Both of us had happy childhoods and loving families who have supported us all our lives. Due to that upbringing, we knew we wanted to be parents even before meeting because we believe the most important thing adults can do is raise children to be healthy, happy, productive members of society. When we first began talking about growing a family, adoption was the path we knew we wanted to take. We have an abundance of love and affection as well as so much else to offer your baby and we welcome the chance to provide it.

Why Choose Us?

We have been blessed with a contented and secure life and are ready to share it along with our unconditional love for your child! Our home will be a warm, safe place full of family, laughter and fun. We also want to assure you we would encourage your child to grow and pursue his or her abilities, interests, and potential. To help encourage this development, we will provide a steadfast extended family support system, good morals and upbringing, open communication, and ample education and enrichment opportunities. If chosen, it would be an honor for us to raise your child. Please know that no matter what you choose, we wish you and your child the very best.