Hershel and Lee

Who we are:

Hey there! We’re Lee, Herschel, and Sellers- and we are ever grateful that you are interested in learning more about us. We can’t wait to grow our family and dream of the day that we become parents again. We know how cliché it might sound, but we are truly inspired by your humility and bravery. We truly believe adoption to be a beautiful and tangible reminder of God’s grace and love for us.

We have thought about you and prayed for you throughout each part of this process, remembering that the gift of growing our family comes from your incredibly brave sacrifice. We pray you know how truly grateful we are for your consideration of us. We admire you more than you’ll ever know and we believe that God has already prepared the perfect home and family for your child.

Why you are adopting:

Herschel and I have been dreaming about our family since the beginning days of our dating relationship! We both felt a call to adoption on our own (before we even met) and this played a huge part in attracting us to one other! We knew we would adopt at some point, we just didn’t know how soon it would be! In our first year of marriage, we tried to conceive on our own, but discovered that it would be difficult for us to conceive naturally. While this was a difficult season in our lives, we also found great joy in our original desire to adopt. We are grateful for any way that God wants to grow our family. Adoption was never plan B for us.. it just came sooner in Plan A than we had originally thought!

When we set out to adopt Sellers, we had no idea the blessing we had in store. He is our deepest pride and our greatest joy. Being his Mom and Dad is the GREATEST HONOR IN LIFE! Neither of us knew we could love someone so deeply until he came along.

We cant wait to welcome another precious child into our little nest (and make Sellers a big brother!) and we are eager to spend our lives loving, nurturing, and watching Sellers and our future children grow into amazing men and women.

On this page you will see many of the friends who have supported our adoption journey and bought one of our t-shirts (fundraiser) to help us bring our children home!

Dear Birth Mother:

Hey there! Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know our family a little better. We love our little crew and can’t wait to grow our family again! We know how cliché it might sound, but we are truly inspired by your humility and bravery. We truly believe adoption to be a beautiful and tangible reminder of Gods grace and love for us. You’re our hero!

Both of us sensed a strong calling towards adoption before we ever met and have talked openly about expanding our family this way since the earliest days of dating. We have traveled across the world and had the blessed opportunity to build community with the most beautiful people. This has fueled our lives work! Lee worked in Child Abuse Prevention in NYC and Children’s Therapy in New York, Alabama, and Tennessee and she has a great passion for serving children and families. Like us, many of our closest friends have grown their families by adoption and we have an incredible network of people who have encouraged and supported us in both adoptions.

(Herschel and Lee) have the super fun reality of serving on staff for our local church. Herschel serves as the Director of Adult Ministries and Lee is a Youth Minister there (which means lots of eager teenagers ready to meet and love another little one!). Our faith is foundational to us and to be able to provide for our family through vocational ministry is a dream. We enjoy our commute together (dance parties in the car!) and often get to meet for lunch throughout the week. Our church has one of the best child care programs in the city, and it’s just down the hall from our offices! We get to see Sellers throughout the day and that is such a gift. The church offers incredible opportunities for kids to play, serve, and grow in their faith and the education our child will receive will be top notch!

Herschel (holds a Masters in Counseling) and I (a Licensed Social Worker and Youth Minister) have a passion for creating a safe and emotionally open environment where our children can ask honest questions about their background, family, and heritage. We respect and value your role as birthmother and we would love to stay connected through letters and pictures. We CHERISH our relationship with Sellers birth family and we connect with them regularly.

We promise to always celebrate the story of our children and speak words of encouragement and affirmation over them. We promise to love this baby as our own and always tell them of the courageous and loving family that brought them into our lives.


With Love,
Lee + Herschel + Sellers