Jered and Hannah

Who We Are?

Hi! We are Jered and Hannah and we want to thank you for considering us as a possibility to adopt your child. We understand that it is not easy as you take this journey and make these decisions and we hope and pray that you will be comforted and can have a peace of mind in whatever you choose.

We both are fun loving people who enjoy the outdoors, our pets, and welcoming family and friends into our home. Jered is an office manager and sales rep. at a construction supply store and Hannah is a music teacher. Jered loves construction and building things, canoeing, hiking, traveling, and playing games with family and friends. His favorite foods are pizza and ice cream, and he loves Hannah’s home cooking as well. He enjoys movies, animations, and superheroes. Hannah loves music, reading, writing, and art. She enjoys playing and teaching violin and piano, hiking, gardening, collecting rocks and seashells, and playing games with friends and family. Both of us love the outdoors and traveling to the mountains or the beach. We enjoy our pets and have two outdoor dogs, Purdy and Duke, both of which are gentle farm dogs, and two cats, Oliver and Mr. Meows, both which are rescued cats. And we also have a cockatiel bird named Kiko who likes to sing and sit on our shoulders. We love attending church and reaching out to people in our community.

Why Are We Adopting?

We have been married for thirteen years and have always wanted to raise a family. We have struggled to conceive for most of our marriage and six years ago finally managed to have one baby, but we lost him due to complications at birth. We had always been interested in adopting, but after that we decided to pursue it. We have a deep desire to raise a family and to love unconditionally.

Why Choose Us?

We know that it is a challenging time for you as you search for the best option for your baby. We want you to feel and know that your baby will be well taken care of and loved unconditionally.

If you decide to choose us, we will love and cherish your baby. We will take care of all the baby’s needs. We are financially stable and have a beautiful home in the country. We look forward to creating new family memories and traditions. Jered works standard hours which provide lots of evening family time as well as weekends and vacations. Hannah is currently teaching music part time, but plans to be a stay at home mom when a baby comes so that the baby can have all the love and attention he or she needs. We pray every day for the baby that God will send to us and we pray for the baby’s mother as well. We have a deep desire to reach out and give children a good and loving home where they can be healthy and happy. We believe that all children belong to God and we feel so blessed to have the opportunity to raise them and share with them the unconditional love He has shown to us. May you be blessed in this journey and find peace in the decisions that you make.