Jesse and Whitney

Who We Are

We are Whitney and Jesse! We are a blended family with four boys and an endless love for children. We adore our family and make constant and regular efforts for quality time with our kids. Our four boys range in ages from 17 to 9 and are all active and engaging. Whitney is a bookworm and loves all things Harry Potter and Jane Austen. She also likes to ride her bike around town and play the piano. Jesse loves to play soccer, tennis and ride mountain bikes. He also spends a lot of his time mentoring and coaching the boys’ soccer teams.

Why We Are Adopting

We are adopting because we are incredibly passionate about raising children and we feel like we have more to give and more to experience in our lives through the joy of having another child in our family. Jesse’s mother was adopted and he’s always had an interest in opening that door for himself to experience. We also are very excited about this experience for our four boys and they are prepared to be the best brothers to your baby.

Why We Should Be Picked

If we are chosen, we will provide your baby with a lifetime of love, laughter, and guidance to the very best of our ability. We love every stage of raising children and we are just so excited to be able to experience it again. We value education and we firmly believe in giving our children the experience of visiting other countries and learning about different cultures and histories. Your baby will be loved through and through from both our immediate family but also from our extended families near and far. We have a diverse and extensive support network in our friends and community and your baby will be supported by this network throughout their life.