Larry and Tiffany

Who We Are?

We are Tiffany and Larry. We were both raised in Mississippi. We have been happily married for 21 years now. Larry serves as a pastor, and I work alongside of him to help give care to our church family and to our community. Family time is a priority in our lives. Together, we like to enjoy music concerts and classic car shows, watch old movies at home, and go on road trips to explore new places and revisit some of our favorite places like the Smoky Mountains or Disney’s Magic Kingdom. In his personal time Larry enjoys playing his guitar and writing & recording music. I enjoy cooking new recipes, decorating for the holidays, and hosting our friends and family.

Our home is a warm and inviting place. We live on a large lot and there are plenty of oak trees for deer to roam freely through and a tiny pond for ducks to enjoy. We like to walk or drive the four-wheeler on our property and observe nature. There is peace and unconditional love here in our home and Jesus is the center of our lives.

Why Are We Adopting?

Even though we have been happily married for all of this time, there is one dream that our hearts still long to see fulfilled. We have not been able to have a baby. We have so much love that we desire to share. We understand that there are expectant mothers who are making the courageous decision to look for a family to receive their child. We want to meet that need. Our hearts and our home are ready and available.

Why Choose Us?

If you should choose our family to adopt your baby, you would make a dream come true for us! But more importantly, our promise to YOU is that we will love your child unconditionally, we will always tell them about you and their beautiful adoption story, and we will lead them into a relationship with the Lord so that he or she will fulfill their purpose and destiny in life.

Larry looks forward to playing guitar and singing lullabies to your sweet baby. I am already organizing and decorating a nursery for your little one. Our families and friends have big hearts, and they are so excited to share in this adoption experience with us. There are many cousins just waiting with anticipation to play with your child. We cannot wait to give lots of love and care to the new member of our family and begin this chapter with you.