Michael and Kelsey

Who We Are?

We are Michael and Kelsey. We were both born and raised in Arkansas. Michael is an attorney. Kelsey is a nurse practitioner. Our son is five years old. He loves LEGO, Star Wars, and cars. Our daughter, who is 3, loves babies and unicorns. She is adopted and is excited to be a big sister. We enjoy hiking, biking, and going to church as a family. We are involved with teaching Sunday school. Our favorite place to vacation is to the beach.

Why Are We Adopting?

We always planned to be parents and discussed having a family through adoption before we were married. Our 3-year-old daughter is adopted. The process was hard and beautiful and scary and fulfilling. As we watched our children grow up together and form a strong bond, we knew that our family was not done growing. Adoption was a natural decision for us. Our children are loving and gentle with their baby cousins and ask often for a baby at our house!

Why Choose Us?

Although we have good education backgrounds and are financially stable, we believe that our decision to invest our time back into our family is what defines us as a family. We like to think that the funny, bright, and curious little people our children have become reflects well on our parenting. Having adopted before, we are aware of the unique relationships and considerations between birth and biological families. Having a transracial family has made adoption conversation part of the framework of our family. We have a mutually adoring relationship with our daughter’s birth mother and are thankful for the role she played in our lives.