Paul and Roy

Who We Are?

We are Paul and Roy. We were both born and currently still reside in Minnesota. We met through a dating website. We had an instant connection on our first date. We often say it was love at first sight. We spent the entire time talking and getting to know one another. We have been together for 10 years. Paul carved, “Will You Marry Me?” into a pumpkin on Halloween. Roy of course said. “Yes!” We got married in our favorite spot from our third date, a conservatory for flowers in the local zoo. We have been married for 7 ½ years.

Paul works as a manager in Healthcare and Roy is a Pressman in his longtime passion of printing. Our daughter is three years old. She loves horses, building blocks, all sorts of Disney (Rapunzel, Moana, Frozen, plus more), painting and her dolls. She is adopted and is excited to become a big sister herself. We enjoy movies, going to the zoo, going to museums, dinners with family or friends, game nights, biking, hiking, and doing things as a family. We go to church regularly every week as a family. We have enjoyed vacationing in Seattle. We also like to make trips to Roy’s family dairy farm where our daughter can say visit and interact with several types of animals (not just cows).

We are very loving and enjoy our family time together. We both have large families. Paul has 3 brothers and 4 sisters. Roy has 5 brothers and 1 sister. Both of our families are very supportive and have been involved in raising our daughter Saige. Both families enjoy gatherings and staying connected with one another. We often find ourselves at a minimum doing a weekly touch base with both sides of our families.

Why Are We Adopting?

We have always wanted to have a family. When we first met we talked about how we would want to create our family through adoption. Our 3-year-old daughter is a blessing for our family and we love every moment with her. We know the process is overwhelming at times, but it can be amazing and wonderful. As we watch our daughter grow up, we know that we would love to see her grow up with a sibling. Adoption for us was the way to go. Our daughter often asks when she can have a sibling as she is ready to be a big sister. We always knew we would want to have more children some day. We know that we have plenty of love in our family and we want to share it. We want to grow our family with an additional child to our amazing family.

Why Pick Us?

We are not only a couple who has adopted before but we are also a family full of love and compassion. We are a stable couple and have big hearts. We want to ensure the best possible future for your baby. We know that this decision is hard. We admire your strength, courage, and selflessness and understand this might be an emotional time for you. We have a lot of love to give your baby. We would be honored to share our future with your baby as we raise him or her to be whatever or whoever they want to be. We promise to provide a great home for your baby. This includes unconditional love, compassion, laughter, fun, teaching, nurturing, as well as dedication to be the best parents we know we can be for your baby. We promise to provide every possible opportunity we can for your baby to live a happy and healthy life with a bright future. We plan to be great role models for your baby. We will continue to motivate them to be the best person they can be, being successful at whatever they put their minds to. Our daughter has grown to become a highly intelligent child as well as a compassionate individual. We hope to do the same for your baby.