Thomas and Rafael

Who We Are?

We have a very loving and supportive relationship and it was clear from the very first date that we had something very special. We are both so appreciative of all the opportunities we have been blessed with in life. As individuals, we are both very successful in our careers, having both supportive families who have always loved us and encouraged us to succeed. This has lead us to believe that those principles of unity, love, and understanding are traits that not only make us great parents, but that should be passed down as part of our family legacy. As parents, we are always making sure our daughter feels special and loved. We believe that in this story we are the lucky ones.

Rafael is originally from Spain and has studied in Europe and has degrees in engineering as well as psychology and child development. Rafa has a huge heart, is patient and kind and is the type of dad that gets down on the floor and plays with our daughter Bella when he comes home from work. When Bella hears his car pull up she runs to the door screaming “Papi Papi”. Rafa is also a very good cook and loves entertaining for family and friends. He speaks English, Spanish, Italian and French and it is our hope our children will speak both English and Spanish. Rafa is studying currently to fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming a doctor.

Thomas grew up as the son of a preacher/missionary and actually lived in a little town in Arkansas when he was a child but later spent his teen years in Ireland. Thomas was a nurse for the beginning of his career, but now owns his own business which affords him a very flexible schedule and works mostly from home. Thomas began playing the piano at the age of 5 and is an accomplished musician and songwriter. Thomas also loves to cook, loves animals and is insisting on adding goats and mini cows to our already farm of chickens and horses. Thomas especially loves everyone gathering around the piano singing together for the holidays.

We will strive to be the understanding parents that our children can come talk to, no matter what. We will always make our children feel that we are here to support them and that they can trust us, even in their darkest moment. We would also like to extend that understanding and love to the birth mother of our child, after all we understand your decision is not an easy one and your gift to us is the most precious treasure you possess.

Why Are We Adopting?

Adoption was always the path for us to start our family. We believe that there are many children out there who need an opportunity in life and a loving home, and we would be honored to raise and provide for your child. Thomas has childhood memories of the foster children his family hosted and how much good they were able to do for these children by offering them a loving home, even if only for a short period of time. Through adoption we hope to fulfill our dreams of becoming parents again, give our daughter a sibling, but we also hope to fulfill your dream of making sure your child is placed in a loving home, where he or she will be provided for, loved, and given all the resources to succeed in life.

Why Pick Us?

The decision you are about to make is not an easy task and we sincerely thank you for taking the time to view our family. We admire your strength, courage, and selflessness and understand this must be a very emotional time for you and choosing the right adoptive parents for your child is not easy. As you go through family profiles, you will encounter many families that seem a good fit for your child. We are sure all of those families deserve to raise your child as much as we do. If you choose us, your child will grow and be nurtured in a loving, compassionate, and diverse family. We have a support system of close friends who also have adopted children so your child will grow up with children that have similar stories. Our Daughter Isabella is a sweet, kind and very bright little girl and will be an amazing big sister, and was also born in Arkansas. We can promise you that if you would afford us the opportunity to be the adoptive parents of your child, he or she will be provided with unconditional love, support, and belonging throughout his or her life.