John and Tracy

Hi there! We are Tracy and John and the first thing we want to do, is thank you for looking at our profile and possibly letting us in to your heart. We have been in each other’s lives for over 8 years and had the unique opportunity to work together and develop a great friendship where we shared a lot of our lives and got to know each other, through good times and bad, before we realized it our friendship had blossomed in to more! Once we started dating, it didn’t take long to realize how much we loved each other and wanted to spend our lives together, we have now been married over 2 years.

We always knew we wanted a family and both of us had always wanted that to include adoption at some point, it wasn’t long before we realized that, due to fertility issues, adoption was the avenue that would lead us to parenthood. We feel blessed that there are amazing mothers out there, like you, who would share that gift with us.

We have decided, one of the best ways to introduce ourselves to you would be to take turns telling you about both of us from the others perspective, so here it goes.

About John by Tracy:

John is like my teddy bear, and he is quiet, loving, observant, patient, and kind. He has one of the biggest hearts I have ever known. John is comforting and is a great source of grounding for me when I get overwhelmed.

John has a bachelor’s degree in theatre and is an administrator at a local performing arts center, he comes from a family of doctors, nurses, and teachers, but went his own way and followed his heart (something we will always encourage a child to do). John’s parents, affectionately refer to him as “a day at the beach” because he is generally relaxed and takes life’s curveballs in stride.

John loves baseball, and his favorite team is the Boston Red Sox, he’s a New Englander at heart and loves his Patriots. I was nervous about bringing John around my large and loud Italian family, but when I saw how much my niece and little cousins were drawn to him, and how he interacted with their parents, I knew he was a special guy. When we could not conceive on our own, I felt sad for many reasons, but John was supportive and encouraged me to see we were exactly where we are supposed to be.


  • Music: Rap, funk, jazz
  • Foods: Seafood and BBQ
  • Activities: Baseball (playing and watching), theatre, going for walks, swimming
  • Holiday: Thanksgiving

About Tracy by John:

Tracy is bursting with love and compassion. If you spend a minute with her, you will be drawn in by her bubbly personality. Tracy is a school counselor, and it’s clear that her students like her. Seriously, you don’t need to ask they just tell you voluntarily, because that’s how crazy they are about her! Despite having moved from a more rural, public school district to an urban private school, Tracy has not skipped a beat connecting with her students. Tracy is truly in her element with children.

Tracy is the definition of passionate. She does not say anything unless she genuinely means it. She has a free spirit, has traveled a lot, and lived in other parts of the country, but she always comes back to her family.

Family is the most important thing for Tracy. She speaks with her father and two sister’s multiple times a day. If Tracy is unhappy, the one thing that will always cheer her up is a visit with her two nieces or a phone call from one of her four nephews. Tracy has always wanted to be a mother. I’m very fortunate that I will be sharing the responsibility of parenthood with her.


  • Music: rock and roll and country
  • Foods: pizza, chicken, Italian, ice cream
  • Activities: outside concerts, festivals and family time, live theatre, travel
  • Holiday: Halloween

Our Family:

We both come from very supportive and loving families. Tracy has a big Italian family with two sisters, six nieces and nephews, and countless cousins with children of all ages. Most of her family lives within a 15-mile radius of each other. Tracy also has family members in different states, especially her sister and her four young boys, who we stay in touch with daily.

Most of John’s family lives out of town, but there is no lack of communication and love from them! John’s parents are loving and supportive, and his mom cannot wait to hang out with a grandchild. John’s sister and her fiancée’ are traveling nurses who we stay in close contact with. John’s sister is his best friend. John has aunts and uncles who live out of town, several cousins, one of which is adopted, and they are all looking forward to welcoming a baby to the family!

John’s family has a lake cottage, which gives us a place to get away, slow down, and take a break from the craziness of everyday life. We enjoy swimming, kayaking, outdoor activities, and the solace of nature while at the cottage.

In our family, there is never a lack of love and support. There is nothing that could make us happier than adding a child to our lives.

Why we are Adopting:

We are adopting because there is nothing, we want more in life than to be parents. To open our hearts, our lives, our home, and our family to a child that we can share everything with. We tried for several years to conceive on our own, but unfortunately, we were not able to. At that point it was a simple decision for us to begin the adoption process, as it was always something we had hoped to do! We have been waiting for over a year and pray each day that a mother like you will choose us to love your baby, to open our hearts, home, and family to welcome this precious gift into our lives. Family is all about love and we have so much of that to give.

Why choose us:

There is so much we could say here, but what I believe sums it all up is simple, love and family. We have so much of both to share, and there is nothing that could make it better than to add a child to be part of it all, a child who is so wanted and who we are all just waiting to share our lives with. Thank you for taking your time to read all of this and consider us.