Trey and Lindsey

Who We Are?

Trey and Lindsey, we are both 28 years old and have wanted to grow our family. We have lived in Fayetteville for the past year and absolutely love the atmosphere of the city. We love to be active, and you can find us either at a Razorback sporting event, on the bike trails, or working out in the gym. Trey and I have wonderful friends and family that live close, and we spend time with them often. I, Lindsey, have one brother and Trey has two sisters. We both grew up in tight nit families who always supported us to have successful lives. We both work for our family company managing many different businesses. This allows us to have flexible schedules and an active lifestyle.

Why Are We Adopting?

After two years of trying to have children on our own, we were met with the decision to either try more medical avenues to conceive or adopt a child into our loving family. We have always wanted to have a family, but when faced with this decision we knew right away that adoption was for us. We want to provide a wonderful life for a child. We are a loving home and ready to welcome a baby into our lives.

Why Choose Us?

We would be honored to be chosen as the adopting family to raise a child in our loving home. We have plenty of family and friends eagerly waiting to spoil the child. We see ourselves being parents and giving a child every opportunity to be what he/she dreams to be. We want to support, encourage, and love this child throughout their life.