Ty and Ara

Why we are adopting:

Our daughter brings so much joy into our lives and has filled our home with laughter. We want her to grow up with siblings, like we did. We each have a sister and their influence on our lives has been tremendous. Our families are very close and we want that same experience for our daughter.

Who we are:

who is full of life and just turned one. We love being outside, playing basketball, canoeing, camping, and kayaking. We have a large group of friends and family who we enjoying being around. Most importantly, we are Jesus followers (Christians) and are very involved in church and community groups.

Why you should be picked:

As an transracial adoptive family, we have learned how vital it is to seek guidance and wisdom from others while raising our daughter. We have expanded our group of friends and even moved churches so our daughter is surrounded by people who look like her. We are willing to put in the work to ensure our children are in healthy, supportive environments consistently. We will be advocates for them. We will always be praying for them, standing in their corners, and cheering them on.