Bobbi, Arkansas

Mr. Eugene Kelley and his staff are the most courteous, compassionate people I have ever met. They helped me through the legal process of adopting my two granddaughters that I had legal guardianship of for the past six years. When I first called him, I explained my situation and my desire to adopt my granddaughters. He explained the lengthy process and everything it entailed. I was very upset by the end of our conversation because there was no way that I would ever be able to afford to adopt the girls. I remember telling him that it wasn’t fair. I loved these girls with all my heart and devoted the last six years of my life, loving them and watching them grow. The biological parents weren’t involved in the girls’ lives, no one paid child support like they were ordered to through the courts. I took care of these girls 100%. I worried about these girls, I loved these girls, they were my world. When I got guardianship, they were four years old and 18 months old. We grew into a family over the years. I am all they know as a mother. All I wanted was to be there legal mother and I couldn’t do it due to lack of money. I wanted these little girls when no one else did. I ended the conversation crying and told Mr. Kelley thank you for his time but I couldn’t afford him and that I was going to do some calling around. He told me he was sorry about my situation and wished me luck.

I couldn’t find an attorney I could afford. So, I gave up on the thought of adoption. My heart was broke because this was something I had been wanting to do for the past couple of years. The next week, Mr. Kelley called me, I didn’t answer the phone. I was still heart broken and didn’t want to talk about it anymore. He called me the next day, I didn’t answer. He called me the next day, again I didn’t answer and he left a voicemail saying he wanted to talk to me. He called the next day and left another voicemail. The following day he called again, I answered and he asked me if I would come to his office so we could talk. I told him yes and set up a time for the next day. I thought to myself I wonder what this is about, he already knows I can’t afford him.

I remember I was nervous and not sure why I was there. Mr. Kelley and his assistant Karrie, made me feel comfortable and showed me that they cared. He asked me a few questions, then told me he was going to do the adoption free of charge. My heart filled with joy and I began to cry. A prayer had been answered. I couldn’t believe it. This man, who does not know me, has offered to do something so huge for me and my girls. He was a blessing to us. When I went home I thought about it. This stranger that I called on the phone and told my life story to has been thinking about me and my situation since our initial phone call. I didn’t know there were people out there that truly cared for complete strangers. Mr. Kelley is one of a kind!

During the process, which took several months, Mr. Kelley kept me informed on everything. He returned my phone calls within a few hours and always reassured me that everything was going to be okay. The times that I had to go to his office to sign papers, I usually had the girls with me and he would always talk to each of them and put a smile on their faces. After the adoption hearing, Mr. Kelley took pictures of me and MY girls. Let me tell you, that was a very happy moment for us. Mr. Kelley went above and beyond. He is a very professional yet caring man.

Seven months after the adoption was finalized, some guardianship issues came up. I called him and he went to the courthouse and filed the proper paperwork. Again, free of charge and everything was taken care of. I can’t say enough how the compassion Mr. Kelley showed me and my girls have changed our lives forever. He is our angel.

–Bobbi, Arkansas