McCord Family

Working with Kelley Law Firm has been a blessing to our life. We first spoke with them regarding adoption in February of 2018. We were not sure if adoption was what we were ready to pursue, but we were wanting to gather more information. After the three hour meeting, we felt that we had plenty of information to discuss. It wasn’t until December of 2018 when I finally made the call to ask if we could meet again, as we were ready to move forward. In a whirlwind day, we were greeted on the phone with, “How ready are you all to have a baby?” to “Would you be willing to meet with birth parents tomorrow morning?” The next morning we were able to meet the birth parents and we made a match with them. Our daughter would be born four and a half weeks later. During that time, I was able to attend OB appointments, have ultrasound photos of the baby and hear her heartbeat on the doppler during appointments. I was able to talk with the birth mother daily and she updated me on the baby frequently. At the time of delivery we were able to meet with both birth parents’ families, see the delivery, and be present during her first moments. Gene and Caroline came to the hospital shortly after the delivery to ensure that we were all doing well and that emotions were stable. They also made sure that the paperwork was in order at the hospital, so that when we were ready to be discharged we would have no hold ups. At the time of finalization, both Gene and Caroline were there to represent us and celebrate with us.

Though this is not the typical story for most adoptive parents, our adoption process was fast. We had to quickly get background checks, physical exams, and psychological exams in order to get a home study completed. We also had a short period of time to build a relationship with the birth parents. Through the whole process Caroline and the group at Kelley Law Firm, were quick to answer questions and helped with alleviating anxiety associated with the adoption process. There was never a point where we felt unheard or ignored. The financial side of the adoption was clearly laid out and there were no additional fees that we were hit with at the time of finalization. I truly felt like Caroline was advocating for us, but yet, ensuring that the needs of the birth parents were cared for. We are thankful to them for the service they provided to us as well as the gift of our daughter that was made possible because of them.

– McCord Family